Multideck refrigeration cabinets show massive energy savings with new product – AeroFoils!

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Aerofoils offer a perfect solution:

    • They save energy and money

    • No barrier of glass doors

    • No maintenance of cleaning

    • Low cost

    • Fast Payback (6-9 months)

    • Easy to install, no disruption to business

    • Does not change the appearance of cabinet

    • Save between £420 and £650 per 3.75m multideck

Multideck refrigeration cabinets are the largest energy cost in any convenience retail store, using around 65% of the total energy used; this is mainly because of ‘air curtains’. Air curtains are pockets of cold air blown across the face of the cabinet to keep the inside cold – all multideck cabinets have these and because they are at the front of the fridge they spill out. This causes the multideck cabinet to work constantly to replace the cold air lost, or which spilled out. This effect accounts for around 60% of the energy use in all modern multidecks.

To combat this issue and their ever increasing energy bills, many convenience retailers turned to retrofitting glass doors onto their multideck cabinets. As this was a perfect solution for some, for others it wasn’t due to the potentially high initial outlay, frequent cleaning and maintenance and the physical barrier between shoppers possibly reducing their spend per transaction.

In 2014 news broke about a new technology which gave 22-31% energy savings – but without the need for glass doors. This invention was an ‘Aerofoil’ strip that would fix to the refrigeration shelves.
The finished Aerofoil design was finally released for sale last year where it was a finalist at the prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards. Following this success Aerofoils were quickly taken up by almost all of the major national grocery retailers in the UK. Now, with dozens of major stores already using Aerofoils and a full order book, Aerofoils look like becoming the next big thing in reducing energy consumption and a common sight in all stores across the UK.

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“Aerofoils save between £420 and £650 per 3.75m multideck”

Aerofoils have a built in ticket strip holder to replace the one they block from view and they are painted to match the fridge. What the retailer ends up with is a highly effective energy saving solution which looks just like a normal multideck.

If you want to know more or enquire about Aerofoils for your store, contact the Jordon Group today on 0800 715 523 and start you energy savings now!…

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