Chiller Doors prove the most unrivalled solution to slash energy bills

chiller Doors

Chiller Door Benefits

    • 100% Transparent Windows

    • Low Consumption Fans

    • LED lighting

    • REDUCED Energy Consumption

    • Food Preservation

    • Improved Temperature Control

Glass chiller doors are proven to be the most unprecedented solution to achieve massive energy savings on refrigerated multi-deck cabinets. C-store and retail owners across the country are beating the energy price hikes and experiencing huge energy savings after having chillers with glass doors installed…

Mr Baldeep Dhariwal is the latest C-store owner to beat the energy company’s continual price increases. He has experienced massive energy savings as a result of installing chillers with glass doors into his store after taking advice given by refrigeration experts, the Jordon Group.

Like other C-store owners, Bal Dhariwal is no exception. Always on the look out for the latest technological advances in products and equipment, Bal is keen to make energy savings where ever possible in his Nisa store in Cannock, near Birmingham. After the installation of open-fronted multideck chiller cabinets in 1999 Bal has monitored his energy consumption, only to be disillusioned by continual price rises from well known energy companies.

Subsequently, the decision was made in 2013 to replace the open-fronted chiller cabinets with the latest energy saving glass door chillers from Arneg – the Osaka 2; supplied and installed by the Jordon Group.

OSAKA_1.jpgHaving just received his energy bills both pre and post install, Bal is delighted to have saved nearly £600.00 per month on energy consumption alone. Before the Arneg Osaka 2 was installed in October 2013, energy consumption was 14907 KWh in 27 days. After the Arneg Osaka 2 was installed, energy consumption for December 2013 was 6918 KWh in 28 days, saving a huge 7898 KWh in one month which works out to a whopping £589.17 saving per month. Total energy usage in December 2012 was 21000KWh. Following the installation of LED panel lighting combined with the Arneg Osaka 2 total consumption has fallen 14000 KWh/month.

Mr Dhariwal expects the upgrade to pay for itself in less than 3 years and is overjoyed with the results he has experienced so soon after installation. He recommends upgrading equipment to other retail owners alike as real savings are there to be made.

To beat the energy companies and make huge savings like this, call the Jordon Group on 0845 408 4426.

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