LED Lighting

The installation of LED lighting in the shopfitting and refrigeration industry is rapidly on the increase. More and more of our projects are requesting LEDs to be installed in refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms and entire stores. Retail owners are seeing the benefits of reduced energy costs, durability and the appeal of improving the look of their store due to the super bright qualities. Demand is set to rise again with the greater need to lower carbon footprint and reduce spiralling energy costs.

Energy saving is based on a combination of factors and changing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LEDs plays a major part in reducing overall energy consumption. Here at the Jordon Group we have been installing LED lighting into premises wishing to reduce their energy bills for some time; all showing promising real-time results.

LED lighting can be installed into refrigeration / freezer cabinets and cold rooms, ceilings, floorings shelving, display cabinets and counters. Speak to one of our specialists today for a free, no obligation quotation.

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