England v Croatia

We know it’s coming home…

But if you’re planning a barbeque whilst watching England beat Croatia on Wednesday night, you need to take heed of how to correctly stock your fridge in this heat… otherwise you might not be watching the football screen, if you know what we mean!

England v Croatia

It is absolutely mind blowing to see just how many people don’t realise how to correctly stock their fridge. This is most apparent when the weather is so hot like it has been. These are really simple tips so make sure you do the following to ensure you don’t need to take any unnecessary ‘code red’ trips to the bathroom!

1. Packaged Raw Meats / Fish

We are starting here, as it is the most important of all! Whenever you have raw meats or fish stored in your fridge you simply must make sure they are placed at the bottom of the fridge. This way you can rest assured that the meat is placed in a really cold area and also away from other items in-case the meat drips and contaminates other items in the fridge.

Raw Meats

2. Fresh Fruit & Veg

Due to fruit & vegetables being more durable when it comes to life spans these should be located in the drawers at the bottom to keep them away from other items you have. Our biggest request for you is to not wash them until you decide to use them! As water can cause mould and bacteria to grow, which is something you really don’t want.

Fruit and Veg

3. Eggs

Eggs are easy to store. Ensure they remain in the carton they came in, with a consistent temperature and simply place in the middle shelf – easy as cracking an egg (try not to crack them though!)


4. Milk

Milk should be stored in the coldest parts of your fridge, preferably upright to avoid any smelly spillages. If your fridge has a dairy compartment behind the door, it would be good to place the bottles there if not our safest bet is at the bottom.


5. Butter/Cheese(s)

All your butter & cheese(s) should be stored in the dairy compartment also. However, your softer cheese(s) should be stored in an airtight container after opening.

Butter & Cheese

6. Deli (Processed) Meats

Most fridges now have a drawer for all your processed meats, which will be a fine place to store them. Hopefully it goes without saying, you should only buy what you will actually eat as they only last a couple of days. Try to keep them wrapped / sealed after opening to preserve their shelf life.

Processed Meats

7. Bottled Juices & Smoothies

These are less taxing as they tend to last longer and wont contaminate other produce. As long as they are sealed you will be ok to put them where you have some room!

Juices and Smoothies

England World Cup 2018

We hope these simple tips have helped how to correctly stock your refrigerator. From everyone at The Jordon Group, all that is left to do is open a cold beer, light the BBQ and enjoy the England victory (we hope!!).

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