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During our inception over 50 years ago! We strive to provide the very best installation services we can possibly offer to all of our customers; some of these being small-medium sized companies with incredible reputations and others being vast industry giants with tremendous expectations. Regardless of the size and requirements involved with every project, we always seek to meet and hopefully prove to exceed expectations of our projects.

This helps massively with the quality of shopfitting equipment we install!

Over the years, Nisa have been one of our leading partners when it comes to providing quality Shopfitting equipment and services. Combining our fast project turnaround with the quality of products and services Nisa provide, grants our customers the BEST SERVICE AVAILABLE TODAY! Nisa have been operational grocery entrepreneurs since 1977! 40 years later, Nisa is now a £1.43 billion turnover company which exists to provide many benefits to their members! If you wish to find out more about Nisa, be sure to CLICK HERE

We have completed many projects over the years, these are just of the testimonials that we have obtained regarding the projects:

Nisa Local – Hastings

“We completed an extensive refurbishment of our Hastings store, which is split across two units, with Jordon’s Matt Sullivan and Lee Greaves leading the project from their side. We have been very impressed with the planning and articulation, the no fuss attitude, even when we came up against obstacles to create two fantastic stores with a modern convenience store and a high quality off license.

The support of the fitters and project team was first class and we look forward to building on this relationship as we progress forward with further projects in the near future. The equipment supplied was excellent with the IMZ shelving system, easy to use and move around without being cumbersome and the refrigeration looks and accentuates the project with us having installed Arneg Panama and Osaka cabinets. We have experience minimal snagging overall which is great for us, so we can now concentrate on the rest of our business and the growth we are seeking to experience for the capital outlay on this project. A very satisfied client.”

Nisa Local – Christchurch Dorset

“In October I decided to re-fit my Nisa store to Nisa’s ‘Store of the Future II’ specification. I had many companies come to survey the store and give me a proposal for works. I decided to go with ‘The Jordon Group’ a Nisa recommendation company who was represented by a retail design consultant Matt Sullivan. I was impressed with every aspect of the re-fit and found the staff at Jordons a pleasure to work with.

I was particularly impressed with the professional and no hassle ‘can do’ attitude of the team from Matt, Steve Barber the foreman and his team. The engineers and installers were very friendly and eager to please me.

I was also very happy with the Arneg cabinets in RAL7024 including IMZ25 shelving which is very strong and easy to manoeuvre.

Every after the re-fit the after service and support is exceptional, I would recommend Jordons if you are thinking of having a re-fit and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Nisa Local – Mitha Forecourts

“I’m just writing to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the Shopfitting at Woodman Service Station.

Steve Barber, Richard English, Ryan Storey, John Morton, Mark Howatson (and the other lads) did a sterling job – can’t commend them and the Jordon Group highly enough. I hope to work with you guys again for my next project in the near future.”

Nisa – Cannock

“With my existing Arneg chillers approaching the end of life after 15 years, and facing an electricity renewal that would have meant an almost 50% increase in my electricity bill to £25000/Annum I had to act. After doing a bit of research I found out the Arneg Osaka remote chillers with doors had an over 80% lower power consumption than conventional dairy decks.

After that is was just a case of finding a supplier. Jordon’s are an official Arneg supplier and quickly arranged an appointment for me to be seen by a sales representative who gave me costings for 10 metres of Arneg Osakas. We placed the order. The absolutely crucial thing for me was the work be carried without having to close the store which many other refrigeration suppliers would have requested.

Jordon’s were fine with this request and we only had to close off the chiller aisle and carried on trading. The team of fitters were excellent, they took out all the old refrigeration, installed the new chillers in a day with minimum fuss. As you can imagine removing 10 metres of old chillers with piping and wiring, and installing new chillers and condensers with all the wiring and piping was no mean feat. Delivering the chiller casings into the store was done quickly and efficiently though the front doors using a forklift. I was very pleased how the job went, considering how big and complex it was.

I would definitely recommend Jordons and their products if you want the work done efficiently and professionally, with no headaches. After all, haven’t we got enough to deal with already?”

Nisa – Farley Hill

“I have just had your team refit my store to the Nisa Store of the Future 2 specification, I would like to tell you what an excellent job Lee and the team have done.

The quality of the work is top. Matt Hall, project manager has been great from start to finish. Overall, you have an excellent team. Nisa have asked me to do a feature in the consortium magazine and I will be happy praising The Jordon Group in the article.

Once again, thank you from a happy Nisa member.”

Nisa – Smethwick

“Jordon’s just came up trunks, we looked at the competition but Jordon’s had the edge and so many people had recommended them, that’s why we chose them… We’re so happy with our new store, we can’t get used to it its modern! We were a bit unsure how the customers would take the new Kodak Express machine at first but they have really embraced it. Already people have used it a log and it saves them the trek of going all the way into Birmingham to get their images printed… The customers just love the new re-fit, they can’t believe they have walked into Global when they come through the doors. We had a little girl in the other day and she said; “Daddy, I thought we were coming to Global”, her dad said “We are in Global sweetheart!” Our footfall has increased already too, we are getting new customers as well as the old ones returning, and we can’t wait to see how things will be in a few months’ time.”

Nisa – Bogner Regis Project

“Excellent Team… well managed team… Whole Jordon Team are enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behaviour. Matt (Sullivan) and his team demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills. Displays initiative and enthusiasm during work. Projects normally are within budget and are well planned. Is proactive in performance evaluations… Engineers are very highly qualified and experienced. Fitters are very cooperative and friendly nature. Quantity of work produced is outstanding. All works are completed within time frame. I personally recommend Jordon for Shopfitting and fridge…”

Nisa Local – Woodman Service Station Project

“I’m just writing to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the Shopfitting at Woodman Service Station. Steve Barber, Richard English, Ryan Storey, John Morton, Mark Howatson (and the other lads) did a sterling job – can’t commend them at The Jordon Group highly enough. I hope to work with you guys again for my next project in the near future.”

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