Chellow Heights Service Station Bradford is Reaching New Highs!

The future looks bright for the brand new service station in Chellow Heights, Bradford.

The newly completed 3,000 sq ft petrol forecourt embraces everything the modern day shopper needs, and more. Taking advances in technology and green energy to new highs whilst creating a visually stunning shopping environment. This ultra modern store is sure to turn heads and achieve great success for its well deserving owners, Rocky and Alison Leach.


The once 1,250 sq ft store went under intense refurbishment to be what it is today. Significant building works were carried out during the 14 week closure as the site was knocked down and completely re-built. The new look store is more than double the size it was and now offers a much wider range of chilled produce, while its energy-saving credentials have been maximised with a range of high-impact improvements.

Owners Rocky and Alison wanted a state-of-the-art store; something different than your every day petrol forecourt. Rocky comments, “After researching quite a few sites, we came across the Calder Park forecourt in Wakefield. We liked the modern feel of this store and wanted to incorporate this into ours. We liked the open glass, modern ducting and large open space.” In the design process suspended ceilings were discussed but rejected by Rocky and Alison, opting for exposed steel ducting instead, adding an impressive looking finish to the store.

Large open glass panels were opted for to generate a bright and airy feel to the store, and an ambient music system creating a pleasant shopping environment for the customers, inducing calm and a space to think. To create a unique visual appeal, a large oval structure was suspended over the top of the wine and beer section, encasing lighting. Alison Leach commented, “We were shocked when Rocky had the idea to paint it Moroccan Flame but it actually turned out to be inspired, the customer’s love it and it’s a great talking point!

The latest in technologically advanced energy saving equipment was installed into the store, using Arneg’s hinged-glass door Osaka 2,  a digital scroll refrigeration PAC system, LED lighting throughout the store and inside the refrigeration equipment and solar panels on the roof; all slashing energy usage. Other interesting energy saving features include the clear fuel canopy with LED sensor lighting and a KW display to communicate the stores energy saving credentials and make the shopping experience more interesting for customers.

From the date of opening on Friday 1st November basket spend has already increased showing positive early signs. Rocky  said, “Customers think the new store is fantastic, we have small trolleys now as well as baskets and they are getting well used by our older shoppers! Although it’s hard to predict so early  we have definitely noticed an increase in basket spend, customers are shopping each isle and filling their baskets where as before they would just grab a couple of essentials. We are over the moon with the new store, our visions have turned into reality and we have had such positive feedback. The Jordon Group (shopfitters) were excellent, they delivered exactly what we wanted within time and budget I would highly recommend them and Gareth Lowry the Project Manager”.

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