myCostcutter brand launched in Northern Ireland

The Jordon Group are proud to have completed the store development on the first myCostcutter store to open in Northern Ireland.

The 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art store is the first of its kind to open outside of England and is set to create thirty plus jobs in the Moygashel area.


The new Costcutter store resides in what was the old Stanley Cooker building and has been lovingly restored by The Jordon Group into a modern, spacious, convenience shoppers’ dream. This brand new store features the stand out black, red and lime green fascia which denotes the higher end myCostcutter and sets to differentiate itself from other convenience stores in the market place. The new black fascia offers the full package, staying loyal to Costcutter values whilst incorporating the sleek new colours, spacious layout and sumptuous textures throughout store; maintaining the high end interior design.

There is a butchery counter, deli counter, hot food and an ATM and is run by Lurgan man Melvin Moutray, who says it will be a great boost to the Moygashel area.

“There will be 30 plus jobs being created and it’s a big boost for the local area,” he said. “We saw an opening here for a good sized supermarket to serve the people of Moygashel and the wider area. There will also be ample car parking space on the land, with anything up to 100 cars potentially accommodated”.

The Moutray family have been in retail for 52 years, and already own two Costcutters stores, one in Lurgan and the other in nearby Dollingstown .

“We have a lot of contacts in the area,” says Melvin, “there was a Costcutter here before seven or eight years ago which did well and hopefully it’ll be the same for us”. Melvin says he is keen to have a good relationship with the people of Moygashel and is happy the store is opened.“This has been in planning since last November so is fantastic to eventually get it up and running. We are here to work with the people of Moygashel.”

The Jordon Group would like to thank Melvin and the team for giving us the opportunity to work with them and wish them the best of luck with their new venture.

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Moygashel, Northern Ireland
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This has been in planning since last November so is fantastic to eventually get it up and running thanks to the Jordon Group. We are here to work with the people of Moygashel.
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