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Are you tired of ever increasing energy bills? Literally fear the bill dropping through the door and can’t imagine where such figures came from?

Here at the Jordon Group we know how stressful things can get without the worry of soaring energy costs. That’s why we’re letting you into a little secret… the biggest energy saving a convenience retailer can make is to put doors on your chillers.

Retrofit doors on chillers have become big business in the industry over the past year. By fitting doors to your chillers you can save up to a quarter on your refrigeration costs, and when you take into account that refrigeration makes up 60% of the average store’s power use, that’s money worth saving.

The doors can be hinged doors opening outwards towards the customer, or sliding. With hinged doors it is important to have enough isle space as open doors take 40cm. If space is a problem in your store then sliding doors maybe a better solution.

After the decision of door choice has been made, you may then want to consider LED lighting. This again will save energy costs (see our story on LED lighting) and also provide greater illumination as fitting doors to chillers will reduce ambient light by 20%.

There are Carbon Trust loans available to help with the funding of retrofit doors, and here at Jordon we can also help with this. Call 0845 408 4426 to discuss.

Costcutter owner, Jane Parsons at the Old School Store in Woebley had doors fitted to her chillers…

We had had the doors fitted in January and we have seen huge cost savings already. We have calculated that we're saving 50KW per day. We have 9.25 metres which equals an estimated saving of 10p per KW, roughly saving £5.00 per day, £35.00 per week, £1,820.00. Of course we have not been through the summer months yet so this is likely to increase considerably should we go through a hot spell. Based on the current figures we have estimated payback to within 5 years. However we expect this to be earlier when we re-negotiate our electricity price as the only way electricity appears to be going is up!

Costcutter Woebley’s recent Retrofit Doors

If you decide that chiller doors are the way forward for your store, then you need to decide on whether to retrofit your existing chillers, or go the whole hog and install new chillers with doors. Ultimately, it comes down to how old your equipment is. If your chiller is over eight years old, you may need to think about changing the whole case.

Introducing doors to your chillers can seem daunting, but in the long-run you can save thousands. “This is the quickest, fastest way to save money”, says Managing Director Paul jordon. “It’s good for the pocket, the planet, and the product is a case of sooner done, sooner saved.”

If you’re considering Retrofit Doors, LED Lighting or Carbon Trust Loans please call for free impartial advice, today.





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