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  • Centre Parcs – Parc Market – Sherwood Forest

    Centre Parcs 9

    Center Parcs revolutionised the holiday market in Holland over 40 years ago and did the same in the UK when it opened its first Village at Sherwood Forest in July 1987, providing short break holidays in the forest on a year-round basis. Now Center Parcs has five Villages across the UK: Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire; [...]

  • Nisa Shopfitting Projects

    nisa shopfitting

    During our inception over 50 years ago! We strive to provide the very best installation services we can possibly offer to all of our customers; some of these being small-medium sized companies with incredible reputations and others being vast industry giants with tremendous expectations. Regardless of the size and requirements involved with every project, we [...]

  • Store of the Future 2

    Nisa show 2017 08

    In early April, our team at Jordon Refrigeration helped long standing partner Nisa with their latest expo 'Nisa Stoneleigh' and the success rate has been off the charts. We completed the production of the shop in a mesmerising three days! Which had a terrific response from the employees at Nisa. Nisa has launched an updated version [...]

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