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In early April, our team at Jordon Refrigeration helped long standing partner Nisa with their latest expo ‘Nisa Stoneleigh’ and the success rate has been off the charts. We completed the production of the shop in a mesmerising three days! Which had a terrific response from the employees at Nisa.

Nisa has launched an updated version of its 2015 ‘Store of the Future’ conveniently called ‘Store of the Future 2’. The concept hopes it will accelerate the roll-out of the new format by a further 250 stores over the next 12 months!

Nisa’s new business controller (Chris Moore) had the following to say – “We got some really great feedback from all the prospects we met, complemented the wine and the store, and all these elements worked together to show off what a great package Nisa is offering to its members, making us the partner of choice for independent retailers.”

Emma Jenkinson stated the following – “We worked really hard to secure this range of wines and a huge amount of effort went into getting the finished product to look right and appeal to the consumer.”

The wholesaler launched Store of the Future some 2 years ago and has already converted about 300 stores to the new grey fascia, converted stores have shown an average trading increase of 6%. A total of 93 of those stores were converted from Nisa’s old-format white fascia.

Nisa says the latest version, dubbed Store of the Future 2 Evolution, offers more flexibility to retailers, moving away from a one-size-fits-all model to a more modular format.

Nisa Retail Chief Executive Nick Read said “The modular concept also reflected the cost pressures currently faced by independents, who could not necessarily afford to complete a full store refit. Under the new model, store owners could pick and choose which elements were most important to the growth of their business.”

Be sure to take a look at the progression of the shop below with images of the shop: 

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