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With more than 50 years of experience in Air Conditioning solutions, we know that a perfect climate requires more than just heating and cooling.

At the Jordon Group, we offer the largest range of heating and cooling systems in the UK. We can suit all needs and personal preferences from the largest brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi. Whether it be an office or large building, a leisure establishment, retail store or hotel; the Jordon Group have the answer to enhance your environment at the touch of a button. And with ever advancing energy-saving technologies, we can also cut down the costs of your energy consumption.

We cover the entire UK so if you need advice on which air conditioning solution best suits you, call us for more details and to book your free site survey.

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Air Conditioning products available:


Cassette air conditioning units are usually installed in a suspended ceiling; this means that the bulk of the unit is hidden above the ceiling grid.

The fascia panel will blend with most modern ceilings. Incorporating the latest fan technology, our cassette type air conditioning units distribute conditioned air through 2, 3 or 4 sides. The units are compact and quiet with motorised louvres and washable air filters.

A remote control makes these units as easy as operating your television.

Ceiling Suspended

Ceiling mounted air conditioning units are ideal where there is no ceiling void space available. These units simply attach to the underside of your ceiling and use motorised louvres to ensure adequate air circulation.

Ceiling Mounted units can also be installed adjacent to a side wall, allowing the electrical wiring and pipe connections to be concealed.


Floor Mounted

Our Floor mounted air conditioners are perfect in all kinds of rooms and create a relaxing atmosphere. Choice of wall hanging, floor standing or behind gallery installation is available. These systems are especially suitable for heating and cooling conservatories.


Large applications need large systems and that’s where ducted systems come in.

Usually warehouses, nightclubs or other large buildings would require a system like this, or if you have a large office complex and wish to keep a system as unobtrusive as possible, this may be the answer.


Wall Mounted

Our wall mounted units are ideal if you own a small shop or office, or if you have limited ceiling void space. All designs are compact and aesthetically pleasing. For added convenience and ease of use we offer a range of remote controlled air conditioning systems.

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