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Fresh and Proper – Fordham

The Jordon Group have recently taken on a brilliant shop unit full conversion partnering with owner Josh James. We are so happy to be a part of the process from the shell it once was to a thriving store!

The Jordon Group seamlessly put together the big and minor details including Shelving, Joinery, Ceiling, Shopfront, Lighting, and in true Jordon style, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. We wish to use the best quality and most efficient equipment on the market, so for this project we used the Arneg Osaka Air Patented Low Energy cases with Digital Low Energy Condensing Units. We also used Daikin Underslung VRV Air Conditioning.

The Fresh and Proper store not only provided a place for local shoppers to buy their essential items, but offer a small in-store bakery, office and warehouse for stock. Fresh and Proper are all co-branded with Morrisons! We are sure this will be very popular with the local residents.

We are delighted to help bring such a brilliant little asset to the village of Fordham. Thank you to Josh James for trusting us as your fit out specialists on this store, we are sure it will be a thriving success!

The Venue – Center Parcs Woburn Forest

We have just had the privilege of completely refurbishing ‘The Venue’, conference and event centre, based at Center Parcs, Woburn Forest.

Set in 365 acres of beautiful, tranquil woodland, Center Parcs Woburn Forest is absolutely spot on for team building events and all kinds of corporate functions, from larger conferences, product launches and presentations, down to smaller seminars, training session and board meetings.

A superb purpose-built conference centre, The Venue, is a paragon of contemporary style and hi-tech modern facilities. There are 9 suites which when combined have capacity for 600 delegates in theatre style or for a gala dinner.

There’s no doubt about it, Center Parcs Woburn Forest absolutely rocks for team building, and we are delighted to have been a part of the team to modernise this beautiful events centre.

Guy Warner teams up with Morrisons

Here at The Jordon Group, we are delighted to have delivered Guy Warner’s latest Upton-Upon-Severn site in Worcestershire, which saw Morrisons partner with the award-winning retailer to create a new dual-branded concept store. ‘Together With Morrisons’ is a partnership for larger convenience stores over 3,000sq ft, which sees them champion local products, as well as carrying Morrisons’ own brand.

“Upton-Upon-Severn is an entirely new brand proposition,” explains Guy. “The work that’s gone in on the brand, the customer journey, the components of the look and the feel of the store are all brand new and have taken a lot of time to come together.”

Fresh produce is a major focus, as are beers, wines and spirits. He claims that fresh foods is a core part of the offer and that local food is at the pinnacle of that. He is working with 71 local producers and the shop boasts over 700 local lines.

Another focal point is the store’s food to go offer. “Within this store we’ve got a serve over food to go proposition and a drinks bar,” says Guy. “We’ve pedalled our own ship on carbonated slush and coffee and brought those all under our own [Warner’s] brand because we felt if we’re going to actually embrace the brand then why wouldn’t you want to bring under that brand the USPs of what you do, rather than immediately inserting other brands.”

Guy has embraced new technology at the new store. “There are a few technological things we’ve done to try to make the operation more efficient, both for us and the consumer,” he says. “We’ve put ESELs [electronic shelf edge labels] into the store, which is a new thing for us and represents a substantial investment,” he says. “We also have a lot of media screens in the store.”
The store has an extensive solar panel installation on the roof. “It was always a good return on investment case, but since we made the decision to do it, energy prices have doubled, so it’s become doubly compelling!” says Guy.

He claims that the town was “crying out for a store” and he wanted his store to become a destination outlet. “There genuinely was a challenge to do a shop there,” he says. “It’s very early days, but seeing the customer reaction in the first week, I think that what we’ve put forward is going to do all the things we want it to because there have been a lot of trolleys going around the store”.

We would like to wish Guy and the team the very best of luck with the new concept store and thank them for choosing us as their shopfitting specialists.

If you store needs a revamp or a complete overhaul, contact us for your site survey today!

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Nisa Bristol

Founded in 1977, Nisa’s retail strategy is to deliver benefits for independent retailers and help them GROW their business in an increasingly competitive market and looking at this latest redevelopment from our client in Bristol, that’s exactly what they are going to do!

This Nisa store was looking tired and un-loved, but fast forward just a few weeks and ta daaaa, it’s looking fabulous!

Mr Patel at Parson Street Stores in Bristol came to us with a vision to transform his run-down corner shop into an upmarket, modern Convenience store.
From design to delivery, our talented team here at The Jordon Group worked hard to turn Mr Patel’s dream into reality and looking at the transformation we think we delivered!

If your store is in need of some love, look no further, contact Jordon today for a 3D CAD design of your dreams.

REFRESH Café Installation Center Parcs

Welcome to REFRESH Café… the latest addition to the wide variety of choice on offer for holiday makers at Center Parcs in Woburn Forest. HUGE thanks to Center Parcs UK & Ireland for choosing us as their fit-out contractors once again, we loved working on this project!

From small renovations to complete installations, The Jordon Group can take care of everything, taking the stress out and putting the enjoyment back into your project! Contact us today for a bespoke 3D CAD design.

Starbucks refurbishment

We’re delighted to announce the Starbucks at Center Parcs UK & Ireland refurbishment is complete! Delivered on time and within budget, this shiny new Starbucks is sure to get the Center Parcs guests in relax-mode!
If your coffee shop is in need of an update, contact us, we can re-design your environment to maximise the customer experience

Ultimate Products Headquarters Refit

Chadderton-based Ultimate Products, the owner, manager, designer and developer of an extensive range of value-focused consumer goods brands, has recently invested £1.8 million in transforming the fourth floor of its headquarters.

Of this, more than £1m is being spent with Oldham companies, and The Jordon Group are honored to have been one of them.

The expansion at the Manor Mill on Victoria Street will see office capacity grow and bringing additional employment opportunities to Greater Manchester, specifically the local Oldham area.

Existing employees will benefit from an improved working environment, focusing on increasing natural light, space and zoned workspaces that suit the fast-paced and innovative nature of the business.

We’re sure you’ll agree the new headquarters look absolutely phenomenal and we would like to thank Ultimate Products for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful transformation.

SPAR Petrol Forecourt Install Heat Recovery System to provide free hot water for COSTA and SUBWAY 

A SPAR petrol forecourt in Leicester which we have recently fitted-out has installed a Heat Recovery system connected to a Daikin CVP system. The system provides all the hot water needs for the busy SUBWAY and COSTA outlets in addition to the rest and staff facilities. The system is the smallest one we supply and has a 50-litre storage capacity with a 3kW internal heat exchanger which can recharge the tank every 50 minutes. The heat exchanger is double twin wall design which ensures that even in a failure situation that the refrigerant and water can never come into contact with one another. This is a legal requirement under EN1717 for any business handling food. The system is simplicity itself, maintenance free, having no moving parts it is highly efficient due to the innovative design of the heat exchangers that can remove up to 100% of the energy produced by the refrigeration plant. The system was fitted with an optional heat meter that monitors the real time hot water usage giving SPAR accurate details of the cost savings the system is delivering.
The annual energy saving for providing the 384,000 litre of free hot water is over 18,600 kWh.

The annual cost saving is over £2000 per annum giving a payback of under two years.

SPAR can now also boast a reduction in its carbon footprint of 10 tonnes of carbon a year.

The Jordon Group can supply and install Heat Recovery Systems for any working environment which will provide free hot water and huge energy reductions. For more information or a free site survey and quotation, contact us today!

The Ascona Group – Green Garage Service Station

The Jordon Group have recently had the pleasure of redeveloping Green Garage Service Station for the Ascona Group. We first worked on this Service Station 10 years ago for the wonderful founder and Managing Director of the Ascona group, Mr Darren Briggs. At the time it was his first garage and now fast forward 10 years he is the proud owner of over 50 sites and has just won Welsh Entrepreneur of the Year! The business is now firmly within the top 10 independent forecourt operators in the UK at number seven and the target is to turn the Ascona Group into a top three provider within the next three to five years, can we just take a minute to celebrate this! The newly updated Green Garage Service Station is now more great than ever and features a Nisa Local including F’real milkshakes, Tango Ice Blast, Costa Coffee; an on site Launderette AND a Fish Bar with online ordering!

Best of luck to Darren and the entire team at Ascona for more success in the near future and thank you for choosing us for your fit-out contractors.