Case Studies

Rootes Grocery Store – Warwick

We worked closely alongside the Rootes team to ensure a fresh new concept was delivered to this campus store. There was a lot of hard work to be done to complete the transformation from the previous Costcutter store to the exciting new ‘Rootes’. Retail design consultant Roddy Brookes was able to lend his expertise and experience, making the whole project from concept to reality very easy, and all completed in a tight turnaround.

The store has many stand-out features, from the authentic exposed woodwork to the artisan bread sections. Lots of attention was paid to detail and a seamless style was delivered from start to finish.

Boasting a more extensive and better quality range of freshly sourced fruit and vegetables and baked goods produced in-store, the new store vows to deliver top-notch stock. Lots of the imported produce is locally sourced, including homemade pies and cakes from a close by Warwickshire supplier. The whole concept is achieving a more luxurious shopping style yet still at a convenience store accessible level, perfect for students’ needs.

  • - University of Warwick, Warwickshire, England
  • - January 2016
  • - Complete fit-out

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