Arneg Super Madrid


Arneg Super Madrid

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The Madrid 3 and Super Madrid 3 range offers a wide range of solutions that simplify the layout of different sections of the supermarket, this is simply a must-have.

Size (Height x Depth x Length) RRP Clearance Price
950mm x 1422mm x 2500mm £9,450.00 £6.200.00 Ex VAT
950mm x 1422mm x 3750mm £9,450.00 £6,500.00 Ex VAT


The Arneg Super Madrid 3 refrigerated island belongs to the range of products that can be used in a variety of sales outlets, with a natural propensity for the “Discount” type. The new technical solutions, the use of new materials and the improved design contribute to the development of a highly professional and reliable product.

Offered at a reduced price, these are new cabinets with a 12-month warranty and a white exterior finish.

*End walls are not including in the price. End walls can be provided at a reduced price, please contact for quotation*


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