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Unleash your creativity with Bergen 2, the plug-in promotional cabinet designed to offer maximum in-store versatility and customization. Available in different modules, it can be installed side-by-side to suit any kind of space requirement. Its mobility guarantees a layout that can be adapted to fit in with seasonal availability of products and the different types of events and promotions scheduled during the year.

With fully panoramic side panels and built-in condensing unit, it can also be placed as a front-on unit and, as the most versatile solution available on the market, can be used as:

  • individual module
  • back to back
  • side by side
  • as an island, with headcases

Eco-friendly thanks to propane, Bergen 2 works with normal or low temperature, suitable for a wide range of products such as frozen food, ice cream, pre-packed products, dairy products, and meat.

The upper section of Bergen 2 has sliding glass doors to minimize energy consumption. The air-blown chill function ensures optimum temperature throughout the refrigerated compartment.

The large glass front panel maximizes displayed goods’ impact and its simple design fits in seamlessly with a huge range of store fittings.

Highly customizable, loads of options are available: colours and finishes of panels, casing, basin, and back. Moreover, it gives easy access to product, combined with great load capacity and visibility thank to LED lighting and panoramic sides and glass panels.

The Bergen 2 is a practical and effective solution for modern and dynamic retail stores.


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